QR-code generator (beta)

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bugs and suggestions: ptwas1 at gmail.com
code style:
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This is my experimental QR-code generator with style selection. Just some PHP, javascript, qrencode and imagemagick.
To get your code just select type of data you want to encode, type in text and click 'GENERATR' button.
There are 5 QR-code styles / shapes, so feel free to chose ;).
There's no text lenght limit here, but to keep your code readable you should keep is as short as possible.
More encoded text means more complex code and that makes it harder to scan for mobile decices.
When encoding phone numbers it's always good to use international format with +xx country code and without any dashes, dots etc. for example +391234567. Not every phone will understand other formats.
Suggestions bug reports and function requests are always welcome (address above) :)

Copyright 2012 Patryk